Competition for middle and high school students sponsored by The International Leadership Foundation (ILF) and Impacter Pathway

Categories: Art, Essay or Video
Entry Deadline: April 14th, 2024

The Competition

The International Leadership Foundation and Impacter Pathway are proud to announce the inaugural AAPI Student Voices Competition, hosted by FLEX College Prep®, which provides middle and high school students in the Bay Area an opportunity to examine the issues and celebrate the traditions of AAPI communities through art, essay, and video submissions.

The Submission Guidelines & Rules

The Korean-American comedian Margaret Cho once said, “The power of visibility can never be underestimated.”

This year, students are invited to consider the theme of AAPI visibility in American society. The questions below are designed to help stimulate thought and give inspiration. Entries do not have to directly respond to any/all of these questions so long as they remain consistent with the competition theme.

  • Describe a tradition or aspect of AAPI culture that you would like to bring to light. How does this tradition shape identity and values?
  • What are some more visible aspects of AAPI culture that may be misperceived in American society?
  • If you are a person who identifies as AAPI, share a personal story that highlights a unique aspect of your identity. How has this experience influenced your perspective on diversity and inclusion?
  • How can sharing stories from the AAPI experience foster understanding and empathy within and beyond the AAPI community?


  • All submissions must be received by April 14, 2024
  • All students enrolled in a Bay Area middle school or high school may apply
  • Multiple submissions are accepted
  • Students can apply in more than one category



  • Any medium is welcome
  • Paintings/drawings/photographs should be scanned
  • Graphic art is acceptable
  • Three-dimensional artwork (sculpture, collage, etc.) is acceptable so long as the work can be represented in a photo
  • File size must be under 250 MB
  • Acceptable formats: .jpg, .png, or .pdf


  • 250 words minimum, 500 words maximum
  • All entries must be typed
  • File size must be under 250 MB
  • Acceptable formats: .pdf or .word


  • 2 minute minimum, 3 minute maximum
  • Group submissions are accepted
  • Videos must be MAXIMUM 3 minutes long, and the file size must be under 300MB
  • Acceptable formats: .avi, .mov, and .wmv
  • Put your video to youtube and share link to us. Put the link URL in note area.


  • $500 prize: 1 winner chosen per category
  • $250 honorable mention


What is the deadline?
Entries must be received by April 14th, 2024.
Is there a limit to how many pieces I can submit?
No. Multiple admissions are accepted.
Can I only submit in one category?
No. Submissions in various categories are accepted.
Who will judge the competition?
Competition judges come from the ILF and Impacter Pathway teams as well as individuals with expertise in each category.
What are the judges looking for?
Judges are looking for thoughtful and creative responses to the competition theme as well as the quality of the submitted entry.
Can I get more information?
For additional questions, please contact: info@flexcollegeprep.com

Submit Your Work


    1. Registration Fee is $50 including lunch ( when you make payment using Zelle write your student name in note area )
    2. Adult Lunch fee is $150/person - including $100 donation to ILF ( when you make payment using Zelle write your name in note area )